Proven representation for the energy and industrial sector

Sales representation since 1985

Integrity driven - specializing in bridging relationships between the companies we represent and our customers.

A teamwork approach

John Wooden said it best “it takes 10 hands to score a basket”. The E and E Tech team is behind every employee, principal, and our clients to ensure all goals are met and everybody wins.

Gain access and generate growth

Making the right connection is key. With E and E Tech, you have a bridge. Decades of relationships expedite connection and aid development for successful implementation of our projects.

We connect great products with great facilities

Are you a manufacture or service provider looking to grow exposure in the energy and industrial markets? We are honored to evaluate your products or services and share how we can help.

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Our Principals

Hand-picked companies based on reputation and high quality.

Why partner with E and E Tech?

Thinking about partnering with us? Here are the top 5 reasons you should choose E and E Tech.
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ISNet Rated & Licensed

Maintained for QA, Insurance, etc.
Unescorted access
Inspection & Mechanical Service Provider

Solution-focused selling

We work to understand the customers pain points and issues so we can provide the correct solutions.

Relationship consistency

Same territory and customers for decades. Low turnover.

Family-operated company

Creating a trustworthy environment between employees and those we work with.

Diverse & Technical Sales Team

From late 30’s to 70’s, we are blessed to have deep industry knowledge, experience coupled through mentorship.

What people are saying about E and E Tech

We work hard to earn the trust and respect of our principals and customers. Here are what they have to say:
David Germany
Recovery Business UnitMaintenance PlannerInternational Paper, Riegelwood, NC

Their network of solutions and experience is well beyond their line sheet

I have been working with E and E Tech for the last six years There are some thoughts that come to me about E and E Tech and their representative Matt Jones that calls on our mill. Honest, engaging, responsive, and resourceful are a few words that come to mind describing E and E Tech. E and E Tech is relationship-oriented and genuinely cares about helping me through many challenges in the power & recovery area that I’m responsible for. Their network of solutions and experience is well beyond their line sheet. I am very satisfied and enjoy working with E and E Tech. I recommend them to any IP, and non-IP mill.

Steve Thomas
PresidentThomas Industrial and Mechanical

I wish I would have known that firm like E and E Tech existed well prior to our relationship.

The Results I have seen from partnering with E and E Tech have been a steady growth each year as they understand what our groups' competitive capabilities are. We have narrowed our search to become more focused on winning situations and less on the projects in that we will not be competitive. The E and E Tech team went to bat for my team as soon as we decided to partner with them.  They know the industry and the customers well, so no learning curve at all. They have created so many new opportunities and projects that our management team had to allocate an estimator to keep up with all of the opportunities they developed. In short, when doing business with E and E Tech,  be ready to grow.